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Activated Window – A Piece of a City
Upcoming in May 2012, I will be exhibiting a new public installation as part of Toronto’s Art on the Danforth festival and Labspace Studio’s A Piece of a City, curated by Annie Onyi Cheung, John Loerchner & Laura Mendes. A Piece of a City will manifest as “a neighbourhood-based curatorial initiative…(bringing) together a group of emerging and established artists to envision a series of site-specific installations and performances that address the interlocking themes of locality, community & contemporary art practice.”

This touch and action-based interactive window will inject an element of surprise to the Danforth. The passive/consumptive space of the storefront window is transformed into an active/productive space for creative experimentation and play. Passersby will encounter and interact with Schmalz’s installation through a series of audio signals that can be manipulated by gesture and movement.

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